Here it goes…The first blog post.

This marks my first. Blog. Post. Ever. (So please bear with me).
Why did I start this blog?

I’ve actually been thinking about starting this since I first moved to the United States however with a new job and a new city to navigate I sort of let it slip to the back of my mind but now I’m finally taking the plunge.

So as self explanatory as the name ‘What Lorna Saw Next’ is, you will catch me here posting about travel & lifestyle.

Having lived away from Ireland for, what is soon to be more than half the time I’ve spent in my twenties with almost 3 years in Chicago on the books I think this is a good way to remind my friends and family at the other side of the Atlantic that I am in fact still alive but also let you guys in on living abroad, my travel experiences, planning and advice. I also want to use this as a form of online diary to save those travel memories. I am a keen traveller and not much time goes by before I get itchy feet and start planning the next trip away.  I have a feeling the next year will bring me to a lot of new places that I can share with you in the hope that it will help you to plan, budget and inspire you on your own travel in any part of the world. Here it goes…

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