Solo in San Francisco,California

I took a weekend trip to San Francisco back in April and it quickly became one of my favourite cities in America for a number of reasons. Firstly I was really draw to how scenic it was between the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito to the seals at Pier 39 but also how diverse and artistic some of the neighborhoods were with streets lined with walls of artwork, residential houses painted 5 different shades adding such vibrance to the city. I also happened to catch the best weather on the few days there and missed the foggy overcast weather that San Francisco is known for.

Things I did…

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge

Top of my to-do list was of course the Golden Gate Bridge, something I had been longing to check off the bucket list for some time. For the full experience I decided to rent a bike from Fishermans Wharf and bike all the way to the Bridge and across to Sausalito. It was high up there on one of the best things I have got to experience in the States to date.

2. Sausalito

I hadn’t heard much about Sausalito before planning my trip but the bike ride was worth it over to this small fishing town. From the town, you can look across the water at San Francisco offering amazing views and cute restaurants, boutique stores and coffee shops. It was really beautiful. I rented my bike for around $25 as a single day rental, the pass came with a discount coupon to one of the restaurants at Sausalito so I decided to chill out and enjoy lunch there which over looked the harbour.

3. Ferry from Sausalito back to San Francisco via Alcatraz

I was thankful to find that there was a regular ferry service taking people back from Sausalito to San Francisco. To get to Sausalito involved at of downhill biking and I wasn’t ready to commit to returning by going up hill. A lot of people had the same idea as me as they were also ready and waiting board with their rented bikes. Although I did not have enough time to get to the island of Alcatraz, the ferry passed close enough to see everything on the island – it is definitely something I want to get to if I ever head back to San Francisco.

4.Visited the seals at pier 39.

The seafront is made up of piers starting from Pier 1 all the way up to Pier 45. Most famous of all and the one which draws all the tourists is Pier 39. This is where all the seals hang out which is really cool to see.

5. Go to the top of Twin Peaks for the view!

6. Go to the beach for sunset.

7. Visit Mrs. Doubtfire’s House.

8. Take in the view from the Painted Ladies.

9. Walk through Chinatown for the Chinese boutiques and restaurants.

10. Walk through Mission District for the street art.



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