San Diego Travel Guide

California is one of my favorite states within the US and I first experienced it when I went to San Diego back in 2016 (before this blog existed) for a weekend. In fact, it was my first solo trip here in the states. I fell quickly for the laid back lifestyle people in California possess, the pacific coast which I really appreciated after a couple of months without close proximity to the sea in the Midwest and scenery across the beaches lined with palm trees. Below is my itinerary on where I stayed and how I made best use of my couple days there:


USA Hostel, Ocean Beach

I loved this place. I paid around $30 per night and it is a stones throw from Ocean Beach. If you’re heading down Newport Ave, you won’t miss it as its painted every color under the sun topped with a peace sign – hello hippy paradise! Along with San Diego being my first solo trip, it was also my first hostel experience which turned out to be a very positive one.

Image taken from
Had to get a snap outside it!

Things to do:

Sunset Cliffs

First port of call was to check out the Sunset Cliffs, a 15 minute walk away from the hostel. I had heard about their beauty and wanted see for myself – they did not disappoint.

Absorbing the scenes at Sunset Cliffs!

Relax on Ocean Beach

Chill out at Ocean beach for a couple of hours or get up early in the morning and have the place to yourself. Walk out onto the lengthy pier, watch the surfers catching waves and take in all of the views.


Bike Ride from Ocean Beach to La Jolla

Rent a city bike for the day – these don’t cost much and are located along the beaches too, not just the downtown area of San Diego. I cycled from Ocean Beach all the way to La Jolla, with a few wrong turns and up a few very steep hills but it was a great way to see the Californian neighborhoods and the coastal area passing all the way along Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and onto La Jolla which was so beautiful. The bike ride is approximately 45 minutes if you stay on track and follow your google maps.


Watch the Seals at La Jolla Cove

The La Jolla coastline is beautiful with some stunning views, look down at the beach and shoreline and you are sure to spot some wildlife. Dozens of seals gather and perch themselves up on the rock face.

Explore downtown San Diego and walk along the marina

From the hostel, a shuttle departed daily to bring guests downtown – another perk of my accommodation. One of the hostel employees decided to join me and show me around downtown – honestly one of the best reasons to stay at a hostel is you make friends along the way! Walking along the marina you will find fishermen selling fresh fish, fishing boats docked at the harbor, I think we may have even spotted a seal in the water close to one of the boats. It is the home to the USS Midway Museum located on a massive marine vessel docked also at the harbor, which unfortunately I did not get to explore the museum on my trip but definitely a point of interest for next time.



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  1. Love this! Looks like you did some really fun stuff. We’re based in San Diego and love living here. One of our favorite neighborhoods is Hillcrest – the LGBTQ neighborhood. It has a ton of great restaurants and bars!

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