Coastal Gems of County Cork, Ireland: Nohoval Cove.

Nohoval Cove is a small bay nestled in the coast of County Cork, not far from the seaside town of Kinsale. While it is off the beaten path of the Wild Atlantic Way route, this hidden gem should be included in everyone’s itinerary for travelling around Ireland. The views from the cliffs of eye catching sea stacks and the Irish coastline are spectacular and on a sunny day can be comparable to the coastal landscape in South East Asia. Better yet, as not many know about it or how to get to it you may have the area all to yourself and its absolutely free.

How to get to this amazing view?

A narrow country road will lead you down to the bay where you can park up and walk towards the rocky area of the bay. On your right you will see the ruins of an old slate mine and on your left you will see the path which will lead you up the cliff face to the main overlook of the sea stacks and coastline where you can take it all in. These views are some of the best County Cork has to offer so it is hard to believe it is not included in the Wild Atlantic Way.


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