Top Food Finds Lisbon

Lisbon is most certainly a foodie city, it is packed with great restaurants offering local cuisine and pastry shops which makes it surprising that Portuguese food isn’t more talked about. Below are some of our finds on our weekend visit to the city in October.

Santo Antonio pastry shop

R. Milagre de Santo António, N.10, 1100-351, Lisboa, Portugal

The most popular sweet treat and delicacy in Lisbon are their famous Portuguese tarts known as ‘Pastel Del Nata’. These custard-filled pastry tarts can be found all over the city in most cafes and pastry shops and they are a must-try while visiting. A local guide recommended ‘Santo António’ pastry shop for some of the best tasting Pastel Del Nata. Of course, due to its great reputation, it was packed out the door with queues of tourists, like ourselves, waiting to order. These tarts are so in demand they bake batches upon batches, which means they are hot out of the oven and melt in the mouth once you get your hands on them. They were so delicious here that no other tart we tried elsewhere even compared! I highly recommend Santo Antonio for your Pastel Del Nata fix.

Taberna Salmoura

R. Does Remédios 98, 1100-345 Lisboa, Portugal.

Visit Taberna Salmoura if you want to properly experience Portuguese cuisine. This restaurant, located in the oldest neighbourhood of Alfama specialises in tapas-style dishes with meat, fish and vegetarian options. The menu which is curated by the owner (who was also our server) changes daily with some quirky offerings such as octopus rice, blood stew rabbit, wild boar and chicken gizzards, it is almost a guarantee that there will be something on the menu you have never tried before. Due to its popularity, I recommend booking your table in advance, you can do so through Facebook messenger. Click here for their Facebook page.

Time Out Market Lisbon

Time Out Market is Lisbon’s largest food hall where an impressive amount of local restaurants, bakeries and other food businesses have congregated to showcase their offerings in one place. There is so much choice here it’s hard to decide! You can choose from more casual take away offerings or sit down restaurants options. Click here for the full list of options.

O Surf n’ Turf

O Surf & Turf is a sit down restaurant located in the Timeout Market. It specialises in meat and fish dishes, what makes this restaurant so great is that the seated bar surrounds the kitchen so you can watch the chefs prepare your food, which was delicious and full of flavour.


If you are looking for a decent brunch spot in an Instagram worthy setting, Basilico is your place. We came across this place accidentally while wandering around and it looked too inviting to not sit down. The menu has a great selection of fruit smoothies, acai bowls, pancakes, fruit bowls as well as eggs Benny options.

Boqueira Savor a Brasil – LX Factory

Located in the LX factory which can be best described as the Camden market of Lisbon. Boqueira is a Mexican BBQ restaurant with BBQ kebab options and also had a live reggae band playing while we were there.

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