Tips on booking the cheapest flights:

  • Use flight comparison sites instead of direct airline sites. The top websites for the best deals are as follows:

Offers stopover options if you wish to visit more than one location – opting for a stopover can save you money on the initial destination flight in some cases.


  • Buy in bulk or buy a RTW (round the world) ticket.

If you are travelling to multiple destinations it is often cheaper to buy all flights together using the ‘multi-city’ option than to buy the flights individually.

  • Use the “Hopper” app.

Download this app if you are planning your trip a couple of months in advance. You simply put in your desired destination and dates and Hopper will watch flights for you and alert you on the cheapest time to book by monitoring when flight prices are rising and falling.

  • Be aware of your search pattern

A trick I learned is to never repetitively search a flight on the one browser as the flight prices rise the more you search!

Instead you can put your browser into a secret “undercover” mode so airline websites and flight comparison sites will never know how much you have searched that one particular site. Every browser is different, on Google Chrome and Safari you can do this by pressing “command” (“control” if PC), Shift, “P”. A new browser window will pop up and that can be used as your private window for searching. You repeat this step each time you search to ensure you are incognito.

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